Rayburn 355SFW


Need a cooker to provide back ground warmth to the room? Heat the hot water cylinder? Cook delectable moist food? Provide Central Heating? This is the one!

  • Model: Rayburn Heatranger 355SFW
  • Function: Cooking / Domestic Hot Water / Central Heating
  • Fuel: Selected Coal (non expanding) and Dry Wood
  • Controls: Thermostatic and Manual
  • Initial Flue Pipe (Minimum internal diameter): Conventional 150mm (6ins)
  • Ventilation (Minimum air vent to room): 182.5cm2
  • Electrical Supply: No
  • Water Output: 55,000Btu/h 10KW
  • Hot Water System Option: Gravity DHW and pumped heating
  • Water Cylinder Size Option: minimum 190 litres (40 Gallons)
  • Lower Oven Warming Oven
  • Weight 340kg
  • Width 905mm
  • Height 815mm
  • Depth 582mm