Fuel Requirements


Any seasoned untreated species
Moisture content under 25%

Clean lumps of any type providing it is non expanding(swell)

Fueling your Cooker
Small soft wood is perferable to light your cooker. They catch alight easily and burn hot allowing large timber to be added and catch alight Pine,poplar, willow give a long flame and burns quickly. Ideal for quick heat.

Large chunks of hard woods, gum native wattle are good for forming ember beds. These woods burn slower and give off a lovely even heat. Ideal for baking ,roasting and heating water

Wood size for 200sfw, 212sfw,216sfw
Largest size 200×150 end section, length 250mm
Wood size for 300W,345sfw,355sfw
largest size 280x150mm end section, length 330mm