Everhot Cookers

The traditional cooking range, with its hand-crafted good looks and quality cooking, epitomises a relaxed, homely lifestyle in town or country.

The EVERHOT offers all this, and far more, at a cost that is astonishingly down to earth.

The EVERHOT is an electric heat storage cooking range that simply plugs into a 13 amp socket, so you have all of the appeal and functions of the traditional range without the worry of wood or coal. With the plug in capabilities it means no flue or concrete base is required.

The EVERHOT range has something to suit every size of kitchen from our Everhot 60 up to the larger Everhot 150. You can design your kitchen around them or they can seamlessly be added to an existing kitchen.

EVERHOT can offer you all of the control of a modern cooker with temperature control and the ability to isolate each oven so you can roast and bake at the same time.

EVERHOT are made in Britain in Coaley Mill in the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire. The Mill has been mentioned in history literature since 1189. So each EVERHOT is already steeped in history, and this is brought into your home with the help of Classic Cookers.

To top it all, the EVERHOT averages less than half the running costs of most other traditional ranges. Not surprisingly, for more than 20 years, EVERHOT has been the choice of thousands.

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